Real-Time Precision Location:

Experience pinpoint accuracy with our real-time tracking,
ensuring you always know the exact location of your vehicles.

Total Engine Control:

Manage your fleet efficiently by remotely controlling the engine. Start or stop the vehicle with a simple click.

In-Car Audio Monitoring:

Stay connected with your vehicles like never before.
Listen to in-car audio remotely, enhancing security and communication.

Comprehensive Trip Insights:

Get detailed insights into each trip, including distance covered, speed, and more, for effective monitoring and analysis.

Customizable Geo-Fencing:

Define geographic boundaries and receive instant alerts when
your vehicles enter or exit designated areas.

Route Playback:

Review and analyze past routes taken by your vehicles over the last two weeks, providing valuable historical data.

Battery Health Notifications:

Receive timely alerts regarding the battery status of your vehicles,
ensuring they’re always ready for the road.

Emergency SOS Button:

Enhance safety with a one-click SOS button for immediate distress alerts, providing peace of mind for drivers and managers.

User-Friendly Mobile App:

Access all features effortlessly through our intuitive mobile app,
putting fleet management at your fingertips.

Live Speed Monitoring:

Set and monitor speed limits for your vehicles,
receiving instant notifications if they exceed predefined thresholds.

Vibration Alert:

Stay attuned to your fleet’s well-being with our cutting-edge
car Vibration Alert feature. This technology detects and notifies
you of unusual vibrations, signaling potential issues.

Customizable Reporting:

Tailor reports to your specific needs, obtaining valuable insights into your fleet’s performance and optimizing operations.

Driver Behavior Monitoring:

Monitor and analyze driver behavior for safer driving practices
and improved overall fleet efficiency.

Multi-Vehicle Management:

Seamlessly manage an unlimited number of vehicles in a single account, streamlining your fleet management process.

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